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Printer Repairing Course


Desktop motherboard course schedule :

Day 1  Introduction of Printers
  • Laser Printer
  • Dot Matrix
  • Ink Jet Printer.
  • Multifunctional Printer

Types of Printers, types of Drivers, Creating virtual port, Common Driver Installing

Types of I/O port & logic port, types of sensors & testing, types of motors & testing, Binary Data Matrix.

Day 2  Basic Electronics & Microcomponents
  • Identification, testing and application of micro components.
  • Testing AC & DC supply.
  • Use of multi meter.
  • Testing of open, short, ground circuit.
Day 3  Power Board & Formatter Board of printers
  • Handling of power boards & precautions.
  • Power Flow Chart of power boards.
  • Working of Formatter Boards.

1. Laser Printer Unit.

Day 4  Laser Printer first part
  • Assembly & disassembling of printer. Introduction of manufacturing brands in accordance with their printers.
  • Differences in operating technologies, Identification of parts Solonight, Fixing Unit, LSU, HVT board points, cartridge, paper path etc. Function of printing unit.
Day 5   Laser Printer second part
  • Types of Toner & Refilling.
  • LSU repairing.
  • Gear Assembly repairing.
Day 6   Laser Printer third part
  • Formatter board testing of Laser printer.
  • Power board testing.
  • HVT board study & testing.
  • Engine Board study.
Day 7   Laser Printer fourth part
  • Service manual reading.
  • Testing of Fuse unit & repairing.
Day 8   Laser Printer fifth part
  • Fault finding & troubleshooting of Laser printer.

2. Dot Matrix Printer Unit

 Day 9   Dot Matrix printer first part
  • Assembling & dissembling of printer.
  • Operating technology of Dot matrix.
  • Identification of parts like paper feeder, Ribbon Assembly, Tractor Assembly, Head Unit, Formatter Board, etc. function of printing unit.
Day 10   Dot Matrix printer second part
  • Formatter board testing of printer.
  • Power board testing printing unit.
Day 11   Dot Matrix printer third part
  • HEAD Unit repairing.
  • Fault finding & troubleshooting of Dot Matrix Printer.

3. Inkjet Printer

Day 12   Inkjet Printer first part
  • Assembly & disassembling of printer. Introduction of manufacturing brands in accordance with their printers.
  • Operating technology if inkjet. Identification of parts like Head, paper path, Waste Ink collection system, HEAD cleaning & pumping system, carriage, Encoder, etc. Function of printer unit.
  • Introduction of CISS.
  • Introduction of M- JET
Day 13 Inkjet Printer second part
  • Types of Ink, Cartridge Refilling, Unlocking of Printer through different methods. Logic board testing and repairing.
Day 14 Inkjet Printer third part
  • HEAD Cleaning process. Fault finding & troubleshooting of Ink jet printer.

4. Multifunctional Printer.

Day 15  Multi Printer first part
  • Operating technology of scanner.
  • Identification of parts CIS, CCD, Trailing Cables Motors, etc.Assembly & disassembly of scanner Unit.
  • Function of scanning unit.
  • Fault finding & troubleshooting of Ink jet printer.


Basic tools required for printer repairing.

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Oscillate Technical Institute

Printer Repairing Course Fees & Special Discounts (Limited Period).

1. Single Printer Course Fees:

 A. Dot Matrix :Rs. 7,500/ 

 B. Inkjet Printer :Rs. 7,500/

 C. Laser Printer :Rs. 7,500/ 

 D. Multifunctional :Multifunctional printer course Available only in combine course. 

2. Combine Printer Course Fees.

Special Discounts on combine course (Limited Period)

Dot matrix, Inkjet, Laser & Multifunction Printer Course Fees Rs.18,000/

(Includes Free Hostel + Free 2 Meal Per Day)


*100 % Practical from first day. No writing work.
*No Extra fee is applied for extra time (duration) taken to complete the course.

Note: Hostel Accommodation Available

Batch Timing & Duration
  • New batch Monday to Friday.
  • Daily batch Monday to Friday.
  • Timing: 3 hrs.Morning 8am to 11am.
  • Duration: 1 week for single Printer.
  • 15 days for 4 Printer (as mention in syllabus).
  • Fast Track 15 Days Course


Important Instruction: 
  • First day practical – No writing work: Students have to Xerox the Laptop notes provided by Oscillate Technical Institute to save the time which is wasted in writing notes and drawing diagrams.
  • No Extra fee is applied for extra time (duration) taken to complete Laptop repairing or any other course.
  • Special Students Hostels available on combine laptop, desktop motherboard and printer course.
  • It is always advisable that before joining for chip level repairing course of any institute you should review the institution thoroughly to avoid any misguidance.Therefore, always attend free laptop repairing session or demo laptop repairing course before admission.
  • Free laptop repairing course sessions is conducted in Oscillate(R) Technical Institute on Every Monday morning from 10am to 11:30am. And on first day of Sunday batch from morning 10am to 11:30am.
  • Please read the full Laptop Course details including Laptop Repairing Syllabus.
Document Needed:
  • One Passport size photo.
  • Certificate ID proof (Any Educational LC Or Birth Certificate and Voter ID card Or Adhar Card).
  • Note :*At the time of submitting Xerox copy of Document Candidate should carry Original Document with them.
Documents Needed for Foreigners (Non – Indian Resident)
  • One Passport size photo.
  • Passport.
  • Nationality Certificate / Citizenship Certificate / Birth Certificate.
  • Proper visa is needed (mail or contact us if need any guidance).
  • Admission will not be granted on tourist visa.
  • Note :At the time of submitting Xerox copy of Document Candidate should carry Original Document with them.

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