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Laptop & Desktop Course



Desktop motherboard course schedule :

Monday Day 1
  • Basic Electronics and Microcomponents:
    Identification, testing and application of micro components:
  • Testing AC & DC supply. Testing Frequency and clock singnals. Use of multimeter & frequency meter.
  • Testing of open, short, ground circuit, Concept of load & Source.
Tuesday Day 2
  • Industrial & Commercial grade practical Training
  • Use of SMD Rework station & solder Iron
  • Replacement of Micro Components
  • Replacement of 2Gate IC,  Replacement of QFN IC Package
  • BGA REWORK STATION – Profole setting
Wednesday Day 3
  • Testing and troubleshooting of Logic Components
  • Identification of Logic ICs
  • Testing logic signals, Voltage marking of RAM slot
  • Testing signals on PCI, PCI express Slots.
  • Testing signals and voltages on back panel slots
  • BIOS Testing
  • Faults and Solution of Logic section
Thursday Day 4
  • Testing and troubleshooting of power section
  • Power logic sequence testing
  • CPU Core power section testing
  • RAM power supply testing
  • Chipset power supply testing
  • Faults and solution of power section
Friday Day 5
  • Practical only for full day
Saturday Day 6
  • Technique of using Cathode Ray Oscilloscope(CRO)
  • sequential testing for all problems using Desktop Motherbaord Testing Guide.
  • Use of Debug Cards & RAM slot tester Cards.
Laptop Motherboard Course Schedule:
Monday Day 7
  • Production and prototyping grade practical Training
  • Professional soldering process, Vertical drags solder technique
  • Replacement of 4Gate IC, BGA REWORK STATION- Reballing of BGA IC
Monday Day 8
  • Assembly and disassembly of Laptop using service manual
  • Identification of Logic compenents on system board using block diagram
  • troubleshooting of Logic errors-audio, LAN, Card reader, BIOS, WI-FI
Monday Day 9
  • Primary tests for any Laptop system board.
  • Testing and troubleshooting of power section
  • Volt In DCBATOUT Power testing
  • PWM CPU core power supply testing
  • RAM power supply testing
  • Primary logic supply testing
  • Secondary chipset power supply testing
  • GFX power supply testing Battery Charging power testing
  • Use Of DC-Power Supply, Troubleshooting of power supply component
Monday Day 10
  • Testing and Troubleshooting of logic errors using schematic diagram
  • Testing Sequence to turn ON system board for dead system
  • Testing CPU function sequence for ‘No display’
  • Testing system board signals, Solution for failure of touchpad
  • HDD ODD, Keyboard, USB, HDMI, Internal display, Touchscreen (digitizer)
Monday Day 11
  • Practical Only for full day
Monday Day 12
  • BIOS programming using flasher tool

Please Note:

  1. Tools list and dealers list will be provided
  2. Printed notes to be provided as per day wise schedule
  3. Audio recordings for each session will be taken.
  4. Daily practice of practical between 11am to 12pm from 3rd day till day12.

ALL LAPTOP REPAIRING SOLUTION are Covered in our Syllabus, few examples are as follow:

  • Laptop Training solutions
  • Common Laptop problems and solutions
  • Laptop battery problems and solutions
  • How to fix audio problems on Laptop
  • Laptop service training
  • Laptop problems and how to fix them
  • How to fix WiFi problems on Laptop
  • How to fix driver problems on Laptop
  • How to fix overheating Laptop problems
  • How to fix video problems on Laptop
  • How to fix mouse problems on Laptop
  • Fix Laptop problems free
  • Instructor LED Laptop Training
  • How to Stop Laptop Overheating
  • Laptop overheating solution
  • Is my Laptop overheating
  • How to fix a Laptop that overheats
  • Computer overheating solution
  • Laptop overheating and shutting down
  • Laptop cooling pad
  • Overheating laptop solutions
  • Laptop solutions desk
  • Notebook solutions
  • Laptop problems and solutions pdf
  • Laptop troubleshooting
  • Laptop troubleshooting black screen
  • Laptop troubleshooting screen
  • laptop troubleshooting flowchart
  • Motherboard chip level troubleshooting
  • Chip level Laptop repairing course
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  • Chip level servicing
  • Laptop problems blue screen
  • Laptop blue screen restart
  • Blue screen on restart
  • Windows wont load blue screen

Individual Course Fees

Laptop Motherboard Repair Course Rs.10,000/-

Desktop Motherboard Repair Course Rs.5000/-

Combine Pack Offer

Chip level Laptop & Desktop MotherBoard Repairing Course Fees Rs. 13500/- (On One Time Payment)

 *100 % Practical from first day. No writing work.

*No Extra fee is applied for extra time (duration) taken to complete the course.

Note: Advance Admission is must

Batch Timing & Duration
  • Free DEMO Session for Laptop Repair Course on every Monday at 10am.
  • Fast-track batch available (Monday to Saturday)
  • Duration : 12 Days Practical Sessions.
  • Timing : 11am to 5pm approximately.     No Extra fee is applied for extra time (duration) taken to complete the course. This is an average time duration taken to complete the course.
Sunday Batch Timings & Duration:
  • Sunday Special Batches
  • Duration : 12 – 15 Sundays (Only Sunday)
  • Timing : 11am to 3pm.
Important Instruction: 
  • First day practical – No writing work:          Study Material Provided.
  • No Extra fee is applied for extra time (duration) taken to complete Laptop repairing or any other course.
  • Special Students Hostels available on combine laptop, desktop motherboard and LED Tv Repair course.
  • It is always advisable that before joining for chip level repairing course of any institute you should review the institution thoroughly to avoid any misguidance.Therefore, always attend free laptop repairing session or demo laptop repairing course before admission.
  • Free laptop repairing course sessions is conducted in Oscillate(R) Technical Institute on Every Monday morning from 10am to 11:30am. And on first day of Sunday batch from morning 10am to 11:30am.
  • Please read the full Laptop Course details including Laptop Repairing Syllabus.
Document Needed:
  • One Passport size photo.
  • Certificate ID proof (Any Educational LC Or Birth Certificate and Voter ID card Or Adhar Card).
  • Note :*At the time of submitting Xerox copy of Document Candidate should carry Original Document with them.
Documents Needed for Foreigners (Non – Indian Resident)
  • One Passport size photo.
  • Passport.
  • Nationality Certificate / Citizenship Certificate / Birth Certificate.
  • Proper visa is needed (mail or contact us if need any guidance).
  • Admission will not be granted on tourist visa.
  • Note :At the time of submitting Xerox copy of Document Candidate should carry Original Document with them.

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